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We can offer unique ways to advertise in terms of both advert formats and advanced demographics. We also have a very targeted and niche membership. If you're company has any connection to the alternative life style movement then we should talk. Advertisers include, sex toys, fetish clubs, dating sites, latex / rubber clothing.

Liberal view to advert contents

If your product or service requires X rated banners or splash screens then this will not be a stumbling block when working with us. Our members are not shy nor offended by sexual imagery.

Targeting data

Adverts and campaigns can be targeted based on, but not limited to, age, gender, sexuality, location, height, body shape, race, income and sexual preferences. We can also target based on device type such as mobile or desktop.

Cost per click or fixed rate

We are happy to work on a cost per click CPC basis or if you prefer and fixed price for a fixed time. We are completely flexible and enjoy building long standing advertising relationships.

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